Ignatova E.A.1, Blom H.H.2, Goryunov D.V.3, Milyutina I.A.4 2010. The genus Schistidium (Grimmiaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia: comments on selected taxa and key for identification // Arctoa. Vol. 19: 195–234 [in English].

1 Biological Faculty, Moscow State University, Moscow 119234 Russia; e-mail: arctoa@list.ru

2 Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, Fanaflaten 4, 5244 Fana, Norway; e-mail: blh@skogoglandskap.no

3 Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences, Botanicheskaya 4, Moscow 127276 Russia; e-mail: denis.goryunov@mail.r

4 Belozersky Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, Moscow State University, Moscow 119234 Russia; e-mail: iramilyutina@yandex.ru

KEYWORDS: Grimmiaceae, molecular phylogeny, new species, Russia, Schistidium, taxonomy.

ABSTRACT. A phylogenetic analysis of ITS1-2 sequences from 117 specimens of Schistidium from Eurasia and North America revealed several new taxa within the genus. Schistidium sibiricum Ignatova & H.H. Blom, S. obscurum H.H. Blom, Köckinger & Ignatova, S. tenuinerve Ignatova & H.H. Blom, S. bakalinii Ignatova & H.H. Blom, S. echinatum Ignatova & H.H. Blom and S. succulentum Ignatova & H.H. Blom are described as new for science. Three new combinations are made: S. canadense (Dupr.) Ignatova & H.H. Blom, S. abrupticostatum (Bryhn) Ignatova & H.H. Blom and S. konoi (Broth.) Ignatova & H.H. Blom. Illustrations are provided for new species. A preliminary key for the identification of Schistidium species known in Russia is given.

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doi 10.15298/arctoa.19.19