Drugova T.P.1 2010. The genus Aongstroemia (Dicranaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia // Arctoa. Vol. 19: 247–252 [in English].

1 Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden, Kola Sci. Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Kirovsk-6, Murmansk Province 184256 Russia; e-mail: darktanya@mail.ru

KEYWORDS: Aongstroemia, Dicranaceae, mosses, phytogeography, Russia, taxonomy.

ABSTRACT. Three species of Aongstroemia are known in Russia: A. longipes (Sommerf.) Bruch et al., A. julacea (Hook.) Mitt. and A. orientalis Mitt. Key for identification, species descriptions and illustrations are given.

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doi 10.15298/arctoa.19.22