Tsegmed Ts.1 2012. Moss flora of Ikh Nart’s Rock (Dornogobi District, Mongolia) // Arctoa. Vol. 21: 77–80 [in English].

1 Institute of Botany, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Zhukov Street 7, Ulaanbaatar 51, Mongolia; e-mail: tsog_tsegmid@yahoo.com

KEYWORDS: biodiversity, cliff formation, desert, Gobi, Mongolia, mosses, rock crevices.

ABSTRACT. Ikh Nart’s Rock is a resource area in the Gobi desert zone. The summer is characterized by very hot weather with very rare rain. However shaded and sheltered faces of big rocks are suitable for abundant moss growth, although the species diversity is low, and only few species are present in many places here: Tortula atrovirens, Syntrichia pagorum, Fabronia ciliaris, and Didymodon rigidulus. Among 114 specimens collected in 2007 from the cliff formation near Argali and Yangir resource center in Ikh Nart’s natural resource land, 26 species of 13 genera and 7 families were revealed.

doi 10.15298/arctoa.21.05

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