Ignatova E.A.1, Fedosov V.E.1 2012. Ditrichum zonatum var. scabrifolium (Ditrichaceae, Bryophyta) in Russia // Arctoa. Vol. 21: 165–168 [in English].

1 Biological Faculty, Moscow State University, Moscow 119234 Russia; e-mails: arctoa@list.ru , fedosov_v@mail.ru

KEYWORDS: Aleutians, Bering Island, Ditrichum, Ditrichum zonatum var. scabrifolium, mosses, Russia.

ABSTRACT. Ditrichum zonatum var. scabrifolium Dixon is reported for the first time for the moss flora of Russia. Its description and illustration based on the material from the Bering Island are provided, its taxonomic status and distribution pattern are discussed.

doi 10.15298/arctoa.21.13

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