Bakalin V.A.1,2, Li W.3 2013. Two new taxa of Solenostoma (Solenostomataceae, Hepaticae) from China // Arctoa. Vol. 22: 135–138 [in English].

1 Botanical Garden-Institute FEB RAS, Makovskogo Street, 142, Vladivostok, 690024, Russia; e-mail:

2 Institute of Biology and Soil Science FEB RAS, Stoletiya Vladivostoka Avenue 159, Vladivostok, 690022, Russia

3 Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, 110016, China; e-mail:

KEYWORDS: Solenostoma, taxonomy, liverworts, Himalaya, Sichuan.

ABSTRACT. The paper describes two new taxa of Solenostoma from China, basing on study of Chinese collections in PE and IFP. Solenostoma purpuratum (Mitt.) Steph. var. koponenii Bakalin et Li Wei var. nov. is different from var. purpuratum in smaller size of plants, smaller and transversely elliptic leaves. The next taxon, Solenostoma sichuanica Bakalin et Li Wei sp. nov., belongs to S. pyriflorum-sphaerocarpum complex and is characterized by gentle texture, pale yellow-brownish pigmentation (without admixture of red or purple pigmentation), instability of rhizoid orientation, loosely 3-plicate perianth in its upper part and commonly obscurely beaked mouth.

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.22.21

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