Koroleva N.E.1, Borovichev E.A.1,2 2014. Rare plant communities with abundance of Sauteria alpina (Nees) Nees in the arctic tundra of Svalbard // Arctoa. Vol.23: 5–10 [in English].

1 Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute of the Kola Science Center of RAS, Kirovsk, Murmansk Province, 184256, Russia; e-mail: flora012011@yandex.ru

2 Institute of the Industrial Ecology Problems of the North of the Kola Science Center of RAS, Apatity, Murmansk Province, 184209, Russia; e-mail: borovichyok@mail.ru

KEYWORDS: Saxifrago–Ranunculion nivalis, Distichio capillacei–Saxifragetum oppositifoliae, Sauteria alpina, community Saxifraga oppositifolia–Sauteria alpina, Svalbard, Scandinavian Mountains

ABSTRACT. Rare plant communities with dominance of Sauteria alpina in arctic tundra in Svalbard are described and compared with those in the late snow-beds in Scandinavian Mountains. Plant communities occur in similar habitats, have similar appearance, but differ in species composition, alpha diversity and syntaxonomy. Svalbard’ communities are related to the community type Saxifraga oppositifoliaSauteria alpina, meanwhile Scandinavian calciphytic late snow-bed ones belong to Sauteria alpina–var. of the association Distichio capillacei–Saxifragetum oppositifoliae ass. nov. Both syntaxa belong to the alliance Saxifragо–Ranunculion nivalis Nordh. 1943 em. Dierßen 1984.

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.23.02

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