Mamontov Yu.S.1,2, Konstantinova N.A.3, Vilnet A.A.3, Bakalin V.A.4,5 2015. On the phylogeny and taxonomy of Pallaviciniales (Marchantiophyta), with overview of Russian species // Arctoa. Vol. 24: 98–123 [in English].

1 Main Botanical Garden, Russ. Acad. Sci, Botanicheskaya 4, Moscow, 127276 Russia, e-mail:

2 Institute of North Ecological Problems, Kola Sci. Centre, Russ. Acad. Sci., 18а Fersmana St., Apatity, Murmansk Province, 184209 Russia

3 Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute, Kola Sci. Centre, Russ. Acad. Sci., 184236 Kirovsk-6, Russia; e-mails:,

4 Botanical Garden-Institute, FEB RAS, Makovskogo Street, 142, Vladivostok, 690024, Russia; e-mail:

5 Institute of Biology and Soil Science, FEB RAS, Stoletiya Vladivostoka Avenue, 159, Vladivostok, 690022 Russia

keywords: Pallaviciniales, molecular phylogeny, taxonomy, Moerckiaceae, Cordaeaceae, Russia

Abstract. Integrative analysis of expanded sampling of Pallaviciniales revealed the heterogeneity of Moerckiaceae. The new family Cordaeaceae Mamontov, Konstant., Vilnet & Bakalin is described based on morphology and molecular phylogenetic data. It includes one genus Cordaea Nees with two species, C. flotoviana (= Moerckia flotoviana), the type of the genus, and C. erimona (Steph.) Mamontov, Konstant., Vilnet & Bakalin comb. nov. Descriptions and illustrations of all species of the order known from Russia including newly reported Pallavicinia subciliata and provisional P. levieri are provided. Identification key for Pallaviciniales known from Russia and adjacent areas is given.

doi: 10.15298/arctoa.24.12

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