Popova N.N. 2016. Bryoflora of the Nature, Architectural and Archeological Museum-Reserve “Divnogorie” (central European Russia) // Arctoa. Vol. 25(1): 171–176 [in Russian].

Voronezh State Institute of Physical Culture, K.Marksa str.,59, Voronezh, 394000 Russia. E-mail: leskea@vmail.ru

KEYWORDS: rare species, conservation, biodiversity.

ABSTRACT. The paper presents an annotated list of mosses of “Divnogorie” Museum-Reserve (Voronezh Province, Central European Russia). It includes 91 species, 4 liverworts and 87 mosses. The list is annotated with data on the occurrence and abundance of bryophytes in various landscapes, including on the watershed, slopes, river terraces and flood plains, as well as habitats and state of populations of rare species. Species distribution and frequency by habitats and types of vegetations indicate a value of the area for conservation purposes, representing chalk region in the Central Russia Upland.

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doi 10.15298/arctoa.25.15