Tsegmed Ts.1, Enkhjargal E.1 2017. Contribution to the study of mosses of the mountains Matad and Shiliin Bogd (East Mongol Region) // Arctoa. Vol. 26(1): 68–71 [in English].

1 Institute of Botany, Academy of Science of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar 51, Mongolia; e-mail: tsog_tsegmid@yahoo.com

KEYWORDS: East Mongolia, Matad, Shiliyn Bogd, moss species, rock field, rock walls.

ABSTRACT. In August 2015, we studied mosses in East Mongolia Region and collected 154 moss samples from Mt. Matad (1240 m a.s.l.) and Mt. Shiliyn Bogd (1770 m a.s.l.). As a result, 62 species from 38 genera and 24 families were identified in these samples, including 42 species new for the East Mongolia Region, where 70 moss species are now known.

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doi 10.15298/arctoa.26.06