Enroth J.1, Fedosov V.E.2, Fedorova A.V.3, Ignatova E.A.& Ignatov M.S.2,3 2019. Miscellaneous notes on the genus Forsstroemia in Russia (Neckeraceae, Bryophyta) // Arctoa. Vol. 28: 18-23 [in English].

1 – Finnish Museum of Natural History LUOMUS, Botany Unit, P.O.Box 7, FI-00014 University of Helsinki; e-mails: johannes.enroth@helsinki.fi

2 – Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Geobotany Dept., Leninskie Gory Str. 1-12, Moscow 119234 Russia; e-mails: misha_ignatov@list.ru

3 – Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences, Botanicheskaya Str., 4, Moscow 127276 Russia

KEYWORDS: mosses, Neckera, Forsstroemia, taxonomy, East Asia, Russia

ABSTRACT. Molecular phylogenetic analysis supports the position on the species known as Neckera konoi in the genus Forsstroemia, therefore it is transferred to this genus with a new combination, F. konoi (Broth.) Enroth, Fedosov & Ignatov. Molecular data also confirm the position of F. stricta Laz. described from the Russian Far East in F. producta, a pantropical species. Forstroemia neckeroides is reported from Russia, Primorsky Territory, for the first time.

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doi 10.15298/arctoa.28.03