Yadav S.1, Bhagat C.1, Asthana G.1 2019. Two species of Fabronia new to India // Arctoa. Vol. 28: 218–221 [in English].

1 – Department of Botany, University of Lucknow, Lucknow-226007, India;m e-mails drgasthana@yahoo.com (corresponding author), sonubryo@gmail.com & chandrakalabhagat1992@gmail.com

KEYWORDS: bryophytes, mosses, pleurocarpous, Fabroniaceae, India, new records

ABSTRACT. During investigation of mosses collected from Coonoor – Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu (Western Ghats) and Chamoli – Garhwal Hills, Uttarakhand (Western Himalaya), two interesting mosses have been identified belonging to genus Fabronia Raddi (Fabroniaceae). Both taxa, Fabronia leikipiae Müll. Hal. and Fabronia altaica Ignatova & Ignatov, are recorded for first time from India. So far, these species were reported from Africa and Russia respectively. The present report of both the taxa from Indian territory is the addition to the Indian moss flora in general and for the genus Fabronia in particular. It also shows an extended distribution of both the taxa: from African continent to Asian continent (Fabronia leikipiae) and within Asian continent: Russia to India (Fabronia altaica). Both species are described and illustrated here with the Indian plants.

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doi 10.15298/arctoa.28.19