Sofronova E.V. 2017. The true bugs (Hemiptera, Heteroptera) of the Baykalo-Lenskiy Reserve with new records from Irkutskaya Oblast’ in East Siberia, Russia // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.16. No.3: 207–212 [in English].

The V.B. Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS, Ulan-Batorskaja Str. 1, Irkutsk 664033 Russia.


ABSTRACT. The Baykalo-Lenskiy State Nature Reserve, currently a part of «Zapovednoe Pribaykal’e» organization, was established in 1986. The Heteroptera fauna in the Reserve has not been studied before the author’s researches. 187 true bug species from 107 genera and 21 families were collected from the territories of the Reserve and the neighboring village Chanchur. Three species, Closterotomus samojedorum (J. Sahlberg, 1878), Globiceps salicicola Reuter, 1880, and Orthotylus lenensis Lindberg, 1928 are registered from Irkutskaya Oblast for the first time.

KEY WORDS: Heteroptera, true bugs, list of species, Siberia, Baikal region, Irkutsk region, new records, Baykalo-Lenskiy Reserve.

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