Eremeev E.A. 2017. The trophical preferences of carrion beetles (Coleoptera: Silphidae) of the north-eastern part of Altai // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol. 16. No. 4: 353–359 [in English].

The Shukshin Altai State Humanities Pedagogical University, Korolenko Str. 53, Biysk 659333 Russia.


ABSTRACT. The fauna and ecology of Silphidae beetles in the territory of north-eastern part of Altai were studied for five years (2009–2013). The distribution of 17 species of carrion beetles attracted to baits composed of poikilothermic and homoeothermic animal remains in different habitats were also studied. The proximity of the habitats to water bodies and their influence on the nutritional preferences of the Coleoptera of Silphidae family were also considered. It was found that for the whole Silphidae family the corpses of warm-blooded animals have a greater degree of attractiveness (59.7% of caught specimens), than the corpses of cold-blooded animals (40.3%). Species showing the greatest preference for the corpses of homoeothermic organisms are Necrodes littoralis, Thanatophilus latericarinatus, Nicrophorus vestigator and Nicrophorus morio, and the lowest preference Nicrophorus vespilloides and Nicrophorus fossor.

KEY WORDS: insect ecology, carrion beetles, Silphidae, trophical preferences, baited pitfall traps, Altai.

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