Lyubarsky G.Yu. 2017. New records of Cryptophagidae and Erotylidae (Coleoptera: Clavicornia) from the Caucasus: northern and eastern faunal elements, and faunistic notes for the Oriental and Australian regions // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol. 16. No. 4: 397–400 [in English].

Zoological Museum, Moscow State University, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Str. 2, Moscow 125009 Russia.


ABSTRACT. The list of species collected in North Ossetia by S.K. Alekseev in 2016 is presented. Several species turned out to be new for the Caucasus, for the fauna of N Ossetia, or for the fauna of Russia. Some of these species have previously been recorded from areas located significantly further north or east. Cryptophilus quadrisignatius, previously noted only in the Far East, in China and Japan, is recorded from the Caucasus and Thailand. Atomaria cribrella is recorded for the first time for Russia. Cryptophagus obsoletus, Atomaria badia, A. longicornis, and A. pulchra are recorded for the first time in the Caucasus, and A. ornata for the first time in Eastern Europe. 11 species are attributed new distribution ranges, including 6 new for the fauna of the Caucasus, 2 new for the fauna of N Ossetia, 1 new for the fauna of Russia, 1 new for the fauna of Eastern Europe, 3 new for the Oriental region, and 1 new for the Australian region.

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Cryptophagidae, Erotylidae, fauna, Caucasus, zoogeography.

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