Vasilenko S.V. 2018. [Three new species of the group Scotopteryx burgaria (Eversmann, 1843) (Lepidoptera, Geometridae) from Siberia and Kazakhstan] // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.17. No.5: 378–385 [in Russian, with English summary].

Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, Frunze Str. 11, Novosibirsk 630091 Russia. E-mail: 


doi: 10.15298/euroasentj.17.5.12

ABSTRACT. Descriptions of three new species of the genus Scotopteryx Hubner 1825 [1816]: S. pseudoburgaria sp. n. from north-eastern Kazakhstan, S. eversmanni sp. n. from Altai and S. kajmukae sp. n. from northeastern Yakutia, are presented given. Diagnostic differences of new species with detailed descriptions are given. The diagnosis of S. burgaria (Eversmann, 1843) is revised. S. pseudoburgaria is close to the South Ural species of S. burgaria and the Central Asian S. supproximata (Staudinger, 1892) is shown. Two Siberian species (S. eversmanni and S. kajmukae) form an independent group.

KEY WORDS: Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Scotopteryx, new species, Siberia, Kazakhstan.

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