Trilikauskas L.A. 2019. On the spider fauna (Arachnida: Aranei) of the Katunsky Nature Biosphere State Reserve in South Siberia, Russia // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.18. No.4: 285–289 [in English].

Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Frunze Str. 11, Novosibirsk 630091 Russia. E-mail:

doi: 10.15298/euroasentj.18.4.08

ABSTRACT. A check-list of 54 spider species from 41 genera and 12 families collected from the Katunsky Nature Reserve and the adjacent areas is given. 32 species are recorded from the reserve for the first time. Habitat and distribution data typical or each species in the studied area are provided. Currently, 129 spider species are known from Katunsky Reserve according to previously published data and the author’s material presented in the paper. The families Linyphiidae (51 species) and Lycosidae (14 species) are the most rich in spider species recorded from the reserve. Presumptively, spider species diversity of the Katunsky Reserve is estimated about 300 species.

KEY WORDS: Araneae, list of species, spiders, fauna, Altai, Katunskii Reserve.

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