Kabak I.I. 2020. [On the distribution of some carabid-beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the mountains of North-Western China] // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.19. No.2: 113–116 [in Russian, with English summary].

All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection, Podbelskogo Schosse 3, St.-Petersburg–Pushkin 196608 Russia. E-mail: ilkabak@yandex.ru

doi: 10.15298/euroasentj.19.2.08

ABSTRACT. The distribution of six carabid beetle taxa is discussed. Four species, Nebria (Catonebria) roddi Dudko et Shilenkov, 2001, N. (Reductonebria) altaica Gebler, 1847 and Calathus (Neocalathus) erratus erratus (C.R. Sahlberg, 1827) from Altai, Kanas, and Brachinus (Brachynidius) explodens Duftschmid, 1812 from Tien-Shan, Kunges Valley, are newly recorded from China. Diplous (Platidius) depressus (Gebler, 1829) is registered for the Xinjiang Province: Altai, Kanas, for the first time. The second registration of Leistus (Leistus) kutpegen Kabak, 2016 allows amending the species distribution data. Two species, Calathus erratus and Nebria altaica, are eliminated from the checklist of Kyrgyzstan, due to species were wrongly recorded for Tarbagatai Mountain Range and Dzhungarian Alatau.

KEY WORDS: faunistic, carabid-beetles, distribution, new findings, Altai, Tien Shan, Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region of China.

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