Kadyrbekov R.Kh. 2021. [The aphid fauna (Hemiptera, Aphidoidea) of the State National Natural Park of Karkaraly, Kazakhstan] // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.20. No.3: 125–135 [in Russian, with English summary].

Institute of zoology, Al’-Farabi Str. 93, Almaty 050060 Kazahstan. E-mail: rustem_aijan@mail.ru

doi: 10.15298/euroasentj.20.3.02

ABSTRACT. 85 species and subspecies of aphids from 38 genera of the family Aphididae and 6 subfamilies, Eriosomatinae (7 species), Thelaxinae (2), Lachninae (3), Callaphidinae (6), Chaitophorinae (7), Aphidinae (60) are recorded for the “Karkaraly” natural park in Kazakhstan. In terms of species richness in the genera, Aphis has 20 species, Chaitophorus and Macrosiphoniella each have 6 species, Uroleucon has 5 species in, Pterocomma, Brachycaudus and Hydaphias each have 3 species and Forda, Cinara, Glyphina, Euceraphis, Tinocallis, Hyalopterus, Rhopalosiphum and Acyrthosiphon each have 2 species; the remaining 23 genera each have only one species. 14 species are newly recorded for the Karkaraly Natural Park, of which 5 species, Aphis grandis, A. idaei, Acyrthosiphon bidentis montanum, Uroleucon picridis and Macrosiphoniella szalaymarzsoi, are new to the Karagandinskaya Oblast and Central Kazakhstan. The distribution, relative abundance and trophic relations of species are discussed.

KEY WORDS: aphids, fauna, ecosystems, location, distribution, trophic specialization, zoogeographical analysis, Kazakhstan.

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