Hava J. 2021. Two new genera and species of Dermestidae (Coleoptera) from Cretaceous Burmese amber // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.20. No.6: 343–345 [in English].

Forestry and Game Management Research Institute, Strnady 136, Praha 5 - Zbraslav CZ-156 00 Czech Republic. E-mail: jh.dermestidae@volny.cz. ORCID: 0000-0001-8076-9538.

doi: 10.15298/euroasentj.20.6.08

ABSTRACT. Two new genera, Tuberphradonoma gen.n. and Cretomegatoma gen.n., belonging to the family Dermestidae are described and illustrated from mid-Cretaceous (c. 99 million years old) amber from Kachin State, northern Myanmar, including one new species Tuberphradonoma burmitica sp.n. and one new combination Cretomegatoma atypica (Deng, Slipiсski, Ren et Pang, 2017), comb.n.

KEY WORDS: taxonomy, new genus, new species, new combination, Coleoptera, Dermestidae, Megatominae, Tuberphradonoma, Cretomegatoma, Cretaceous, Burmese amber.

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