Sergeev M.E. 2022. [Beetles of the superfamily Cantharoidea (Coleoptera) of Sikhote-Alin nature reserve, Russia] // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.21. No.1: 37–45 [in Russian, with English summary].

Federal Research Center for Terrestrial Biota Biodiversity in East Asia FEB RAS, Prosp. 100-letiya Vladivostoka 159, Vladivostok 690022 Russia. E-mail:

doi 10.15298/euroasentj.21.1.06

ABSTRACT. An annotated list of 26 beetle species from 18 genera and 3 families of the superfamily Cantharoidea (Lycidae, Lampyridae, Cantharidae) of Sikhote-Alin Reserve is provided. The family Lycidae and 21 Cantharoidea species from 15 genera are listed for the fauna of the reserve for the first time. Malthacus lapponicus is newly recorded for Primorsky Krai, and 7 species, Lopheros brevicollis, Benibotarsus spinicoxis, Hatchiana rosinae, Lycocerus adusticollis and Rhagonicha sibirica, are newly recorded for the north region of Primorsky Krai.

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Cantharoidea, fauna, Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve, the Russian Far East.

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