Hava J.1, Bures L.2, Kopr D.3 2022. The families Dermestidae and Bostrichidae (Coleoptera: Bostrichoidea) in the United Arab Emirates // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.21. No.6: 358–360 [in English].

1 Private Entomological Laboratory & Collection, Ryznerova 37/37, Ъnмtice u Prahy, Prague-west CZ-252 62 Czech Republic. E-mail: jh.dermestidae@volny.cz

2 Lieberzeitova 4, Brno-Husovice CZ-614 00 Czech Republic. E-mail: lukasbures@centrum.cz

3 Faculty of Agrisciences, Department of Zoology, Fishery, Hydrobiology and Apiculture, Mendel University, Zemмdмlska 1, Brno CZ-617 00 Czech Republic. E-mail: kopr.d@seznam.cz

doi 10.15298/euroasentj.21.6.09

ABSTRACT. 16 species from the families Bostrichidae and Dermestidae from the United Arab Emirates are summarized. The species, Sinoxylon crassum Lesne, 1897, is newly recorded from the United Arab Emirates, and other species known from there are listed.

KEY WORDS: Faunistics, new record, Coleoptera, Bostrichidae, Dermestidae, United Arab Emirates.

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