Moubayed J.1, Langton P.2 2023. On the genus Bryophaenocladius Thienemann, 1934 (Diptera: Chironomidae, Orthocladiinae). II. Description of three new species from continental France // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.22. No.1: 1–10 [in English].

1Freshwater & Marine biology, 10 rue des Fenouils, Montpellier F-34070 France. E-mail:

216 Irish Society Court, County Derry, Coleraine BT52 IGX Northern Ireland. E-mail:

doi 10.15298/euroasentj.22.01.1

ABSTRACT. Bryophaenocladius poneli Moubayed, Langton, sp.n., B. righettii Moubayed, Langton, sp.n. and B. vosgensis Moubayed, Langton, sp.n. are diagnosed and described based on material recently collected in cold springs and streams located in continental France, Eastern Pyrenees, Cevennes and Vosges regions. B. poneli sp.n. is described as male adult and pupal exuviae, the two other species only as male adults. On the basis of some distinctive characters found in the male adult, B. poneli sp.n. and B. vosgensis sp.n. appear to belong to a local biogeographic element, while B. righettii sp.n. shows some morphological similarity with B. femineus Edwards, 1929. Currently, 18 Bryophaenocladius species are reported from continental France. Consequently, the description of the latter 3 new species increases the total number in the genus to 21 accepted valid species from this country. Discussion, differential diagnosis and comments on the ecology and geographical distribution of the new species are given.

KEY WORDS: Diptera, Chironomidae, Bryophaenocladius, new species, continental France, conservation.

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