Kruskop S.V., Lavrenchenko L.A. 2009. Primary results of a bat survey in south-western Ethiopia, with a new Ethiopian record of Kerivoula lanosa (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.7 (for 2008). No.2: 71–76 [in English].

Sergei V. Kruskop [], Zoological Museum of Moscow State University, Ul. Bolshaya Nikitskaya 6, Moscow 125009, Russia;

Leonid A. Lavrenchenko [], A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS, Leninskii pr. 33, Moscow 119071, Russia.

KEY WORDS: Chiroptera, Kerivoula, Miniopterus, Rhinolophus, Myotis, Ethiopia, new records.

ABSTRACT. A short-term bat survey was conducted in spring, 2007, by the Joint Ethiopian‑Russian Biological Expedition in the Mejangra Zone of the Gambela Peoples’ National Regional State, south-western Ethiopia. The area studied was adjacent to the Godare forest massif, one of the most lowland forests of Ethiopia. About 100 individuals of fifteen bat species from ten genera and six families were captured. Together with species recorded in 2000, the total bat community in Godare forest includes at least 19 species. One of the most important records is the third capture of Kerivoula lanosa from Ethiopia; the two previous captures in Ethiopia were more than a hundred years ago. The capture of Myotis bocagei also was only the third record from the country. Individuals of Rhinolophus and Miniopterus belong to undetermined species.

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