Kirillova I.V. 2009. Unusual tooth pathology in mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) from Yakutia // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.8. No.1: 29–36 [in English].

Irina V. Kirillova [], Ice Age Museum, All-Russian Exhibition Centre 71, Moscow 129223 Russia.

KEY WORDS: Wooly mammoth, tooth pathology, Late Pleistocene, Yakutia, Russia.

ABSTRACT. Five pathologically modified last generation lower teeth of the wooly mammoth Mammuthus primigenius from Alazeya River basin (Yakutia) and Maly Anyui River basin (Chukotka) are studied. The described aberrations represent variants of the same pathology of tooth germ. The studied several tens of last molars of Yakutian mammoths show three main types of deviations appeared during tooth formation, during formation of tooth elements (plates, external cement), and in the process of functioning.

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