Nikolskiy P.A., Boeskorov G.G. 2012. Primitive and derived features in the teeth of modern moose (Alces, Cervidae, Mammalia) from Eastern Siberia // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.10 (for 2011). No.1: 27–30 [in English].

Pavel A. Nikolskiy [], Geological Institute, Russia Academy of Sciences, Pyzhevsky pereulok 7, Moscow 119017, Russia;

Gennadiy G. Boeskorov [], Diamond and Precious Metals Geology Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russia Academy of Sciences, Lenin avenue 39, Yakutsk 677891, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia.

KEY WORDS: Moose, Alces, teeth, morphology, variability, Eastern Siberia.

ABSTRACT: Variability of evolutionary relevant teeth morphology of modern moose from Eastern Siberia has been studied in comparison with the European form. Primitive deviations have been revealed in Eastern Siberian sample, that is rare in the teeth of moose from Europe. The data suggest that “American” and “European” moose have been developing independently for a long time, which could resulted in differentiation of moose in to two species, Alces alces L., 1758 (Europe, Western Siberia) and Alces americanus Clinton, 1822 (North America, Eastern Siberia, Far East).

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