Vladimirova E.J. 2012. Specific functional forms of behavior in pine marten Martes martes, based on snow tracking data // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.10 (for 2011). No.2: 47–58 [in English].

Elina J. Vladimirova [elyna-well@nm.ru], Samara State Aerospace University named after Academician S.P. Korolyov, Moskovskoye Schosse, 34, Samara, 443086, Russia.

KEY WORDS: pine marten, tracking technique, functional form of behavior, elementary motor reaction.

ABSTRACT. The paper describes the main functional forms of pine marten’ Martes martes behavior which include leaving refuge, foraging, change of feeding area, patrolling their territory, locomotion to resting site, rest, and running for safety. Each type of behavior is manifested through a number of reactions which are organized hierarchically. The hierarchy of reactions in mammals is illustrated for the pine marten. The animal’s unit reactions, as well as elementary motor reactions they consist of, are listed. As long as the functional type of behavior is correctly identified for a particular animal that left some visible signs of activity in its habitat, its unitary reactions can be discerned in the process of snow-tracking. Human impact changes the structure of behavior in pine martens. The quantity of reactions related to foraging tends to reduce.

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