Domanov T.A. 2013. Musk deer Moschus moschiferus nutrition in the Tukuringra Mountain Range, Russian Far East, during the snow season // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.12. No.2: 91–97 [in English].

Trofim A. Domanov [], Federal State Budgetary Institution “Zeya State Nature Reserve”, Stroitelnaya str. 71, Zeya 676243, Russia.

KEY WORDS: nutrition, musk deer, lichens, shrub, Tukuringra Mountain Range, forage.

ABSTRACT. The study of musk deer nutrition was conducted during the 2010-2013 snow seasons on the Tukuringra Mountain Range, Russian Far East. Gastric content analysis and detailed tracking was conducted as well. Sixty four kinds of forage preferred by musk deer were recorded. Data on forage composition in different habitats were received. Peculiarities of the musk deer nutrition on the Tukuringra Mountain Range were revealed.

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