Baryshnikov G.F., Lavrov A.V. 2013. Pliocene bear Ursus minimus Devиze de Chabriol et Bouillet, 1827 (Carnivora, Ursidae) in Russia and Kazakhstan // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.12. No.2: 107–118 [in English].

Gennady F. Baryshnikov [], Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya nab. 1, Saint Petersburg 199034, Russia;

Alexander V. Lavrov [], A.A. Borissiak Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya ul. 123, Moscow 117647, Russia.

KEY WORDS: Ursus minimus, Ursidae, Pliocene, Caucasus, Kazakhstan.

ABSTRACT. Mandibular fragments of the small Pliocene bear from Kosyakino in Northern Caucasus, Russia (MN15) and from Moiseevka in Irtysh River basin, Kazakhstan (MN14) revealed morphological similarity with the specimens of Ursus minimus. During the evolution of this species, the enlargement of molars and equalization of the m1 and m2 in length took place. Our study ascertained the presence of geographical variability of U. minimus in Eurasia in the Early Pliocene (U. m. boeckhi in Europe and U. m. ssp. in Kazakhstan) as well as in the Late Pliocene (U. m. minimus in Europe and U. m. yinanensis in China).

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