Demirel F.A., Mayda S. 2014. A new Early Pleistocene mammalian fauna from Burdur Basin, SW Turkey // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.13. No.2: 55–63 [in English].

F. Arzu Demirel [], Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Deparment of Anthropology, Burdur, Turkey;

S. Mayda [], Ege University Natural History Museum, Izmir, Turkey.

ABSTRACT. A new Early Pleistocene mammalian locality, referred to as “Yassigьme” from Burdur Basin of SW Anatolia is reported here for the first time. Here, we describe remains of an equid and bovids, most frequent elements of the fauna, as Equus sp., Gazellospira torticornis, and Leptobos cf. etruscus, all being the first records in Turkey. The coexistence of medium-sized bovine L. etruscus with spiral-horned antelope G. torticornis, and Equus sp. suggests Late Villafranchian age (~1.5 Ma) for Yassigьme. These records fill the gap in the paleobiogeographic range of these taxa in SE Mediterranean during Pleistocene.

KEY WORDS: Leptobos, Gazellospira, Villafranchian, Early Pleistocene, Burdur Basin, Turkey.

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