Lissovsky A.A. 2015. A new subspecies of Manchurian pika Ochotona mantchurica (Lagomorpha, Ochotonidae) from the Lesser Khinggan Range, China // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.14. No.2: 145–152 [in English].

Andrey A. Lissovsky [], Zoological Museum of Moscow State University, Bolshaya Nikitskaya 6, Moscow 125009, Russia.

ABSTRACT. I examined 14 craniometric features of 128 specimens of Ochotona mantchurica from the entire distribution range. A craniometric analysis revealed at least three major groups with detached geographical distribution. The race of O. mantchurica from the southern part of the Lesser Khinggan Range has the same level of morphological peculiarity as two other subspecies: O. m. scorodumovi from the Russian Transbaikalia and O. m. mantchurica from the Greater Khinggan Range, together with the northern part of the Lesser Khinggan Range. The distribution area of this race is separated from the rest of the species distribution range by a wide band of lowly suitable habitats. No nominal taxa were described from the southern part of the Lesser Khinggan Range, and the race in question was described here as a new subspecies: O. m. loukashkini ssp. nov.

KEY WORDS: Manchurian pika, Ochotona mantchurica, craniometry.

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