Safonov V.G. 2016. Beaver trapping in Russia and Belarus and problems of resources management // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.15. No.1: 2–7 [in English].

Vladimir G. Safonov [], Department of Animal Ecology, Russian Research Institute of Game Management and Fur Farming, Preobrazhenskaya str. 79, Kirov 610000, Russia.

ABSTRACT. In the Soviet Union experimental kill trapping (removal trapping) of Eurasian beaver began in 1960 in the Kirov region, and since 1963 the limited kill trapping was also permitted throughout Russia and Belarus. Regular trapping allowed obtaining large amounts of biomaterial, which significantly widened our knowledge on the general population ecology of beavers and on their behaviour during the under-ice period when observation is limited. The current decrease in demand for furs requires the realization of scientifically sound measures for beaver management based on ecological priorities.

KEY WORDS: Eurasian beaver, North American beaver, population dynamics, trapping regulation, management, ecosystem, Russia, Belarus.

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