Serdyuk N.V. 2022. The first record of dormouse in Late Pleistocene of North-Western Altai (Russia) // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.21. No.2. P.146–152 [in English].

Natalia V. Serdyuk [], Borissiak Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya str., 123, Moscow 117997, Russia.

doi: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.21.2.05

ABSTRACT. The article describes the second upper molar of the forest dormouse Dryomys nitedula from the Late Pleistocene deposits of the Paleolithic site Strashnaya Cave (Altai, Russia). The forest dormouse was in association with relatively thermophilous species. It is the first record of the forest dormouse in Altai area. The Strashnaya Cave is currently the easternmost Pleistocene record of the forest dormouse.

KEY WORDS: Dryomys, Late Pleistocene, Strashnaya Cave, Altai.

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