Kovblyuk N.M. 2003. The spider genus Drassyllus Chamberlin, 1922 in the Crimean fauna, with description of a new species (Aranei: Gnaphosidae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.12. No.1: 23–28 [in English].

Zoology Department, National Taurida V.I. Vernadsky University, 4 Yaltinskaya str., Simferopol 95007 Ukraine.

ABSTRACT: Four species of the genus Drassyllus Chamberlin, 1922 are found in the Crimea: D. crimeaensis sp.n., D. praeficus (L. Koch, 1866), D. pumilus (C.L. Koch, 1839) and D. pusillus (C.L. Koch, 1833). D. crimeaensis sp.n. (♂♀) is closely related to D. villicus (Thorell, 1875), but differs from it by lacking a swelling on the femur and a notch on the tibial apophysis of the male palp; in addition, the new species has a tegular swelling and the epyginal structure is different. The new species is also similar to D. praeficus, but the male palp and the epigyne are much smaller. For all species, diagnostic drawings, distribution, landscape zone data, and phenology are provided.

KEY WORDS: spiders, Drassyllus, new species, new records, ecology, the Crimea.

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