Esyunin S.L.1, Kazantsev D.K.2 2008. On the spider (Aranei) fauna of the Pechoro-Ilychskiy Reserve (North Urals), with the description of a new Agroeca species (Liocranidae) // Arthropoda Selecta. Vol.16 (for 2007). No.4: 245–250 [in English].

1 Perm State University, Bukireva Str. 15, Perm 614990 Russia.

2 Pechoro-Ilychskij Reserve, Yaksha vil., Troitsko-Pechorsk Distr., Komi Republic 169436 Russia.

KEY WORDS: spiders, fauna, Russia, the Urals Agroeca new species.

ABSTRACT. A list of 68 species, new to the Pechoro-Ilychskiy Reserve, is given. A new species, Agroeca makarovae sp.n. (??), is described from Komi Republic and Orenburg Area. 15 species are new to the fauna of the North Urals. Pirata praedo Kulczy?ski, 1885 is  recorded from the Urals for the first time.

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