Dragan S.V.1, Zaika V.V.2 2022. New records of caddis flies (Insecta: Trichoptera) for the Republic of Tuva, South Siberia, Russia // Euroasian Entomological Journal. Vol.21. No.6: 342–347 [in English].

1 Katanov Khakas State University, Lenina Ave. 90, Abakan 655017 Russia. E-mail: dragan_s@mail.ru

2 Tuvinian Institute for the Exploration of Natural Resources SB RAS, Internacional’naya Str. 117A, Kyzyl 667007 Russia. E-mail: odonta@mail.ru

doi 10.15298/euroasentj.21.6.05

ABSTRACT. 11 caddis fly species from 8 families are registered for the basin of Bol’shoi Yenisei River in Todzha Depression, Tuva. Currently, the caddis fly fauna in the Bol’shoi Yenisei River basin includes 44 species from 12 families, of which 8 species, Stenopsyche marmorata Navas, 1920, Glossosoma nylanderi McLachlan, 1879, Setodes pulcher Martynov, 1910, Lepidostoma albardanum (Ulmer, 1906), Goera squamifera Martynov, 1909, Asynarchus contumax McLachlan, 1880, Asynarchus lapponicus (Zetterstedt, 1840) and Lenarchus bicornis (McLachlan, 1880), are newly recorded for this area, and 5 species, S. pulcher, Lepidostoma albardanum (Ulmer, 1906), G. squamifera, A. contumax and L. bicornis are new for Tuva, and L. bicornis is new for Eastern Palearctic. In result, 99 caddis fly species are known for Tuva. Photographs of S. pulcher, G. squamifera and L. bicornis male genitalia are presented.

KEY WORDS: Caddisfly, Trichoptera, new record, fauna, Yenisei River, Republic of Tuva, South Siberia.

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