Johnson C. 2009. Revised list of Old World types and names of Corticariinae (Coleoptera: Latridiidae) described by Mannerheim and Motschulsky, 1843–1867 // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.18. No.2: 97–105 [in English].

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KEY WORDS. Revised list, Latridiidae, Corticariinae, old world types and names, Mannerheim, Motschulsky, 1843–1867, lectotype designations, new status, new synonyms.

ABSTRACT. Types and names of all Mannerheim and Motschulsky old world (Eurasia, Africa, India and Sri Lanka) species of Corticariinae (Latridiidae) from 1843 to 1867, are revised and listed, together with new Lectotype designations and changes in nomenclature. Lectotype of Coricaria fuscotestacea Motschulsky, 1861, C. axillaris Mannerheim, 1844, C. badia Mannerheim, 1844, C. baicalica Mannerheim, 1844, C. boreophila Motschulsky, 1867, C. convexipennis Motschulsky, 1861, C. crenicollis Mannerheim, 1844, C. cylindrica Mannerheim, 1844, C. flavifrons Motschulsky, 1867, C. gracilis Mannerheim, 1844, C. laticollis Mannerheim, 1844, C. melanophthalma Mannerheim, 1844, C. parvula Mannerheim, 1844, C. pharaonis Motschulsky, 1867, C. piligera Mannerheim, 1844, C. psammeticha Motschulsky, 1867, C. punctatissima Motschulsky, 1867, C. rubripes Mannerheim, 1844, C. setosa Motschulsky, 1867, C. subrugosa Motschulsky, 1867, C. subtilis Mannerheim, 1844, C. transversicollis Motschulsky, 1867, C. tincta Mannerheim, 1844, C. truncatella Mannerheim, 1844, C. unicarinulata Motschulsky, 1867, C. validipes Motschulsky, 1867, Latridius formicetorum Mannerheim, 1843, Melanophthalma angulicollis Motschulsky, 1866, M. cylindricollis Motschulsky, 1866, M. gibbula Motschulsky, 1866, M. retroculis Motschulsky, 1866 and Mineauxia villigera Motschulsky, 1867 designated. Cortinicara corpulenta (Motschulsky, 1866), stat.n. from Sri Lanka and Melanophthalma (Cortilena) picina Motschulsky, 1866, stat.n. from South Africa., given as valid species; Melanophthalma capicola Belon, 1898 is syn.n. of M. (C.) picina Motschulsky, 1866.

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