Komarova L.A. 2009. New sciarid species Bradysia aleica sp.n. (Diptera: Sciaridae) from the Altais // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.18. No.2: 127–128 [in English].

Shukshin State Pedagogical University of Biysk, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Korolenko Street 53, 659333 Biysk, Russia. E-mail: komar@biysk.net

KEY WORDS: Insecta, Diptera, sciarids (Sciaridae), Bradysia, new species, Аltais.

ABSTRACT. A new sciarid species, Bradysia aleica sp.n. from Altai is described and illustrated. Bradysia aleica belongs to the Bradysia brunnipes-group of Menzel and Mohrig [2000]. A new species is very different from other species of this group, and similar to B. forcipulata (Lundbeck, 1898). B. aleica sp.n. differs by having a broader gonostylus with a shorter apical tooth. There is more space between the apical tooth of the gonostylus and the local group of mesial subapical megasetae and is palpomere 3 longer.

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