Kluge N.Yu. 2010. A new autapomorphy of the taxon Tricoryptera and redescription of Ephemerythus // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.19. No.1: 21–30 [in English].

Department of Entomology, Saint-Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya nab. 7/9, Saint-Petersburg, 199034, Russia. E-mail: kluge@FK13889.spb.edu

Key words: Ephemeroptera, Tricorythidae, Tricoryptera, Ephemerythus, Ephemerythus niger ugandanus.

Abstract. The taxon Tricoryptera Kluge, 2004 is characterized by unique ontogenesis of hind wing, that is an autapomorphy of this taxon; this character is expressed only in Ephemerythus/fg1 and some representatives of Leptohyphes/fg1, while in all other Tricoryptera hind wings are completely lost. System of Ephemerythus/fg1 is revised, the following subjective synonymy is suggested: Ephemerythus (= Tricomerella = Limnokijara syn.n.); Ephemerythus niger (= E. (Tricomerella) straeleni syn.n. = E. dissimillimus syn.n.). A new subspecies Ephemerythus niger ugandanus subsp.n. is described basing on imagoes reared from larvae in the west of Uganda.

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