Kazantsev S.V. 2010. New taxa of Omalisidae, Drilidae and Omethidae, with a note on systematic position of Thilmaninae (Coleoptera) // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.19. No.1: 51–60 [in English].

Insect Centre, Donetskaya 13–326, Moscow 109651, Russia. E-mail: kazantss@mail.ru

Key words: Coleoptera, Omalisidae, Drilidae, Omethidae, new tribe, new genus, new species, taxonomy, Palaearctic.

Abstract. A new tribe, Euanomini tr.n., in Drilidae, and a new genus, Cimbrion gen.n., in Omalisidae, are erected and four new species, Euanoma argonauta, E. kolchica, Pseudeuanoma caligo spp.n. (all Drilidae) and Drilonius flavipennis sp.n. (Omethidae), are described, the drilids from Georgia and Turkey and the omethid from China. The subfamily Thilmaninae is transferred from Omalisidae to Drilidae. A complete check-list of the genera and species of the subfamily Thilmaninae that includes tribes Thilmanini and Euanomini tr.n. is provided.

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