Kluge N.Yu. 2010. Redescription of the taxon Tricorygnatha (Ephemeroptera, Tricorythus s.l.) based on new findings in Africa and Indonesia // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.19. No.2: 79–104 [in English].

Department of Entomology, Saint-Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya nab., 7/9, Saint-Petersburg 199034, Russia. E-mail: kluge@FK13889.spb.edu  Website: http://www.insecta.bio.pu.ru

Key words: Tricorygnatha, Tricorythidae, Tricorythus, Sparsorythus, new species, new combination.

Abstract. General characteristic of the taxon Tricorygnatha is reviewed. This taxon can be regarded as a single genus Tricorythus s.l. The type species of Tricorythus — T. varicauda — is revealed for the first time since it was collected by naturalists who accompanied the army of Napoleon in Egypt. Larva, subimago, imago and egg of this species, associated by rearing, are described. Larvula of Tricorygnatha is described for the first time. Additional characteristic of T. tinctus is given, basing on new material from Uganda. A new species T. exophthalmus sp.n. from Uganda is described, basing on larvae and a reared male subimago. A new species Tricorythus (Sparsorythus) celebensis sp.n. from Sulawesi is described, basing on larvae, reared male imagoes and female adults. Several non-described species are reported from Africa and Java.

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