Trjapitzin V.A.1, Triapitzyn S.V.2 2010. On the genus Neocladia Perkins, 1906 (Hymenoptera: Encrytidae), with description of two new species // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.19. No.2: 123–135 [in English].

1 Do vostrebovania, Post Office 129344 (ulitsa Letchika Babushkina, 7), Moscow, Russia.

2 Entomology Research Museum, Department of Entomology, University of California, Riverside, California, 92521, USA.

KEY WORDS: Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae, Neocladia, taxonomy, synonymy, key, Myanmar, Vietnam.

ABSTRACT: A diagnosis of the encyrtid (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) genus Neocladia Perkins, 1906 in the broad sense (reflecting the new generic synonymies proposed here) is given. Anagyrodes Girault, 1915, syn.n., Carabunia Waterston, 1928, syn.n., Elijahia Girault, 1928, syn.n., Paracladella Girault, 1920, syn.n., and Schillerana Girault, 1932, syn.n. are treated as junior subjective synonyms of Neocladia. A key to females of the species in these synonymized former genera and their synopsis (comprising 24 taxa) are provided. Neocladia korotjaevi V. Trjapitzin & S. Triapitsyn, sp.n. from Vietnam and N. mikhailovi V. Trjapitzin & S. Triapitsyn, sp.n. from Myanmar (= Burma) are described and illustrated. Twenty-one new combinations are proposed: N. baethei (Girault, 1922), comb.n., N. dei (Girault, 1922), comb.n., N. gigantea (Girault, 1915), comb.n., N. maxima (Girault, 1915), comb.n., N. odacon (Walker, 1838), comb.n., and N. punctaticeps (Girault, 1928), comb.n. (all from Anagyrodes); N. angulimaculata (Xu & He, 2003), comb.n., N. bicoloripes (Hayat, 2003), comb.n., N. dilatata (Girault, 1932), comb.n., N. gigantica (Subba Rao, 1973), comb.n., N. longimarginalis (Subba Rao, 1973), comb.n., N. madhukari (Mani & Kaul, 1973), comb.n., N. myersi (Waterston, 1928), comb.n., N. orientalis (Subba Rao, 1971), comb.n., N. poeta (Girault, 1928), comb.n., N. waterstoni (Subba Rao, 1971), comb.n., and N. zora (Hayat, 2003), comb.n. (all from Carabunia); N. calicutana (Hayat, 2003), comb.n., N. giorgionei (Girault, 1932), comb.n., N. globosa (Girault, 1920), comb.n., and N. uttara (Hayat, 2003), comb.n. (all from Paracladella). Neocladia perkinsi Subba Rao, 1971, stat. rev., is reinstated in Neocladia (from Anagyrodes). A lectotype is designated for N. punctaticeps. Information on the known host associations of the genus is provided.

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