Litovkin S.V.1, Fiká?ek M.2,3 2012. New records of Georissus costatus Laporte de Castelnau, 1840 (Coleoptera: Georissidae) from Russia // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.20 (for 2011). No.4: 383–385 [in English].

1 Russia, Samara; e-mail:

2 Department of Entomology, National Museum, Kunratice 1, CZ-148 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic; e-mail:

3 Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Vini?nб 7, CZ-128 44 Praha 2, Czech Republic.

KEY WORDS: Georissidae, Georissus costatus, Russia, new records, sandy shores, riverine habitats.

ABSTRACT. The recent occurrence of Georissus costatus Laporte de Castelnau, 1840 is confirmed in Voronezh, Samara and Orenburg areas for the first time in last 100 years, and its distribution in Russia is clarified. It is shown that the species prefers sandy river shores. Body habitus, aedeagus and locality are figured.

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