Ozerov A.L.1, Krivosheina M.G.2 2012. A revision of dung flies of the genus Mixocordylura Hendel (Diptera: Scathophagidae), with the description of  a new species from Altai // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.20 (for 2011). No.4: 431–435 [in English].

1 Zoological Museum, Moscow Lomonosov State University, Bol’shaya Nikitskaya 6, Moscow 125009, Russia. E-mail: ozerov2455@rambler.ru

2 A.N. Severtzov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences, 119071 Moscow, Russia. E-mail: dipteramarina@rambler.ru

Key words: Diptera, Scathophagidae, Mixocordylura, lectotype, new species.

ABSTRACT. Flies of the genus Mixocordylura Hendel, 1909 including two species, are revised. One of them new to science, Mixocordylura parva Ozerov, is described and Mixocordylura longifacies Hendel, 1909 is redescribed. Lectotype for Mixocordylura longifacies Hendel is designated. Generic diagnosis, keys for determination of both species are given, and data on distribution and biology are summarized.

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