Kazantsev S.V. 2012. New taxa and a checklist of Afrotropical Metriorrhynchini (Coleoptera: Lycidae), with a note on biogeography of the tribe // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.21. No.1: 23–33 [in English].

Insect Centre, Donetskaya 13–326, Moscow 109651, Russia; e-mail: kazantss@mail.ru

Key words: Coleoptera, Lycidae, Metriorrhynchini, new genera, new species, taxonomy, Afrotropical zone.

Abstract. Two new genera, Paracautires gen.n. and Spartoires gen.n., and six new species are described in Metriorrhynchini: Paracautires afra, Spartoires murzini, Tricautires tabounensis (W Africa), Xylobanus uluguriensis, X. solodovnikovi and X. usambaraensis (Uganda), spp.n. The following replacement names are proposed in Cautires Waterhouse, 1879 and Xylobanus Waterhouse, 1879: Cautires africanoides nom.n. pro C. africanus Kleine, 1930, nec C. africanus (Pic, 1928); C. afrikaans nom.n. pro C. natalensis Kleine, 1926, nec C. natalensis (Bourgeois, 1902); C. afrops nom.n. pro C. aethiops (Kleine, 1933), nec C. aethiops Kleine, 1930; C. bantu nom.n. pro C. irregularis Kleine, 1926, nec C. irregularis (Pic, 1926); C. blaps nom.n. pro C. aethiops (Kleine, 1933), nec C. aethiops Kleine, 1930; C. flavips nom.n. pro C. flavipennis Kleine, 1930, nec C. flavipennis (Pic, 1925); C. maculensis nom.n. pro C. maculatithorax Kleine, 1930, nec C. maculatithorax (Pic, 1924); C. nigerorum nom.n. pro C. africanus Dudkova et Bocak, 2010, nec C. africanus (Pic, 1928); C. reductocostatus nom.n. pro C. reductus (Pic, 1928), nec C. reductus Pic, 1922; C. richardi nom.n. pro C. kleinei Bocak et Bocakova, 1988: 85, nec C. kleinei Pic, 1926; C. triangulus nom.n. pro C. triangularis Kleine, 1930, nec C. triangularis (Kleine, 1930); Xylobanus mauricei nom.n. pro X. diversithorax Pic, 1952, nec X. diversithorax Pic, 1925. A checklist of Afrotropical Metriorrhynchini and a key to the genera, as well as a note on biogeography of the tribe are provided.

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