Lantsov V.I. 2012. Ecology of the Caucasus populations and preimaginal stages of the crane-fly Tipula nigroantennata Sav. (Diptera: Tipulidae) // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.21. No.3: 269–272 [in English].

Laboratory of Invertebrate Diversity, Institute of Ecology of Mountain Territories of  Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Centre of  Russian Academy of Science, Nalchik, 360051, Russia.

KEY WORDS: Crane-flies, Tipula nigroantennata, ecology, preimaginal stages, North Caucasus.

ABSTRACT. Data on geographical distribution, ecology and altitudinal occurrence of Tipula (Acutipula) nigroantennata Savchenko, 1961 in the North Caucasus are presented. Larvae of IV instar, male and female pupae are described.

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