Yunakov N.N.1, Terekhova V.V.2 2012. Exechesops leucopis Jordan, 1928 (Coleoptera: Anthribidae) an exotic oriental fungus weevil in Europe // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.21. No.4: 419–422 [in English].

1 Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1172, Blindern NO-0318, Oslo, Norway. E-mail:

2 Museum of Nature, Kharkiv National University, Trinklera str. 8, 61022 Kharkiv, Ukraine. E-mail:

Key words: Anthribidae, Exechesops leucopis, fauna of Russia, fauna of Ukraine, hill-topping, stridulation behavior.

Abstract: Exechesops leucopis Jordan, 1928, initially known from Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, was discovered in natural forests of South European Russia and Ukraine since 1975. Acer tataricum and A. campestre are suggested to be its host plants in Europe. Observation of the beetles revealed hill-topping and elytro-tergal stridulation behavior in females.

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