Zaitzev A.I. 2015. New and little known species of fungus gnats (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) from Kunashir Island // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.24. No.1: 85–87 [in English].

Moscow City Pedagogical University, Institute of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences, Department of Biology, Ecology and Methodics of Biological Education, Chechulina str. 1, Moscow 111568, Russia. E-mail:

KEY WORDS: Diptera, Mycetophilidae, Acnemia, Boletina, Russia, Kunashir, taxonomy, description, new species.

ABSTRACT. Two new species of fungus gnats — Acnemia sundukovi and Boletina sublagena spp.n. described from Kunashir Island (South Kuril Isles). New data on distribution of Acnemia kurilensis Zaitzev, 2001 given and illustrations of male terminalia provided.

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