Saluk S.V. 2015. Contribution to the knowledge of minute brown scavenger beetles (Coleoptera: Latridiidae) from Belarus // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.24. No.2: 119–125 [in English].

Scientific-practical center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for biological resources, Akademicheskaya Str. 27, Minsk 220072, Belarus. E-mail:

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Latridiidae, Belarus, new species, reestablished species, distribution.

ABSTRACT. Two new species of Latridiidae (Corticariinae) are described from Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve: Corticaria lukashuki sp.n. and C. rogneda sp.n. C. porochini C. Johnson, 2007 is reestablished from the synonymy of C. aphictoides Reitter, 1898. For the species: Dienerella ruficollis (Marsham, 1802), Enicmus alutaceus Reitter, 1885, Latridius gemellatus Mannerheim, 1844, Corticaria foveola (Beck, 1817), C. interstitialis Mannerheim, 1844 for the first time the localities are listed. Corticaria orbicollis Mannerheim, 1853 is excluded from the list of Belarusian Latridiidae, new localities are given for some rare species are.

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