Miroshnikov A.I.1, Lin M.-Y.2 2015. A review of the genus Neorhamnusium Hayashi, 1976 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), with descriptions of three new species // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.24. No.4: 291–306 [in English].

1 Russian Entomological Society, Krasnodar, Russia. E-mail: miroshnikov-ai@yandex.ru

2 Key Laboratory of Zoological Systematics and Evolution, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 # Beichen West Road, Chaoyang, Beijing 100101. E-mail: linmeiying@ioz.ac.cn

KEY WORDS: Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lepturinae, Rhamnusiini, Neorhamnusium, review, new species, key to species, China.

ABSTRACT. A review is presented of the genus Neorhamnusium Hayashi, 1976, which until now has only been known from China, including Taiwan. The following three species are described as new: N. melanocephalum sp.n. (Yunnan Province), N. shaanxiensis sp.n. (Shaanxi Province) and N. wuchaoi sp.n. (environs of Beijing). Detailed diagnoses of, as well as a key to, all five species of the genus are given. In the type species of the genus, N. taiwanum Hayashi et Ando in Hayashi, 1976, some morphological features are clarified. A thorough redescription of N. rugosipenne (Pic, 1939) is given. The genus is rediagnosed and rediscribed. Abundant colour illustrations, including of the holotypes of all species, are provided.

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