Sundukov Yu.N.1, Makarov K.V.2 2016. New or little-known ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of Kunashir Island, Kurile Islands, Russia // Russian Entomol. J. Vol.25. No.2: 121–160 [in English].

1 State Nature Reserve “Kurilskiy”, Zarechnaya str. 5, Yuzhno-Kuril’sk, Sakhalinskaya oblast’ 694500 Russia. E-mail:

2 Zoology and Ecology Department, Moscow Pedagogical State University, Kibalchicha str. 6, Bld. 5, Moskow 129164 Russia.

KEY WORDS. Carabidae, Kurile Archipelago, Kunashir Island, fauna, new synonym.

ABSTRACT. The paper presents some results of field explorations on the ground beetles (Carabidae) carried out in 2008–2015 on Kunashir Island, the southernmost of the Great Kurile Archipelago. Our review concerns previously unpublished, scarce or dubious taxa in the island’s fauna. Of the 70 taxa listed in the paper, 4 species and 1 subspecies are recorded in Russia for the first time, 26 are new to the entire Kurile Archipelago, 1 is new to the Great Kuriles, and 8 are new to Kunashir. A new synonym (Acupalpus inouyei Habu, 1980 = A. storozhenkoi Lafer, 1989, syn.n.) and a new combination (Nebria shibanai shiretokoana Nakane, 1960, stat. rest.) are established.

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